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The Rise of Cheating in Public Safety

The high stakes involved in public safety means that when testing integrity is not maintained, lives and dollars are at risk. Join Chief Clive Savacool and Gerry Roberts, J.D., as they reflect on recent scandals, discuss how agencies are reacting, and summarize the waves of litigation that cheating can create.

How to Get Ahead of Cheating

How do you ensure the integrity of the examination process so that lives are not lost on the fire ground? In this second installment of the High-Stakes Testing series, learn how you can detect and prevent cheating by understanding the what, why, and how of creating a trustworthy exam process.

The Modules of Acadis


Acadis Training accelerates the development of course curriculum, tracks training progress and test scores and accurately aggregates training results into a detailed transcript including course weights and applicable awards.


The Acadis Testing module has both classroom and online tests. It includes a full-featured test builder, question repository, and randomization engine. Users can select between three different delivery methods for exams: online, paper and Optical Mark Reader scanner, or paper only. In addition, Acadis Testing allows for the randomization of test questions, ensuring the integrity of exam security.


Acadis Compliance provides real-time compliance monitoring to ensure that personnel, field offices, and equipment are compliant with applicable local, state, and federal standards. Acadis compliance will also assist in forecasting long-term training needs and purchasing requirements for assets with expiring certifications.

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Ohio State Fire Marshal logo“[Acadis] allows us to implement a unified solution to support the Fire Marshal, the Ohio Fire Academy, our constituent agencies, and our emergency response personnel through a secure state-wide portal. This will not only save us significant costs in paper-based certification and training processes, but also provide us with accurate information about our emergency response assets, which is vital during a critical incident.”

– Alan Shellhause, Chief Information Officer for the Ohio Department of Commerce

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